Gift Team

This year’s GIFT team are proud and ready

to serve after their Missioning Service. 

This appointment is an invitation, a calling from God who has chosen each one of you to be his close friends,
his disciples and to bear joyful witness to his love in this school and among your families and friends. 

Children Of God Squad

COGS is a prayer and craft club ran by the y5 GIFT team members.  This year, highlights have been introduction to the rosary, learning about Saints and Lenten activities.  They especially enjoy planning from the CARITAS in action modules, focusing on social justice in action.


We joined lots of other GIFT teams from the diocese and took our RE Governor, Mrs Lees, to St. Anthony’s where we heard all about Veronica’s story.  We learned about the reality facing millions of children around the world and the dangers of paraffin lamps. We joined the Power to be a campaign – to give children around the world hope for a brighter future through the use of renewable energies.

Back at school, we raised awareness and money to support this important campaign.

Our Faith Space

This year, much of the GIFT team’s energy has been developing a sacred outside space that our community can use for prayer and reflection.

The Pope’s encyclical “Laudato Si (Be Praised)On the Care of Our Common Home” has been a real inspiration for our work.

The community has really pulled together and donations from parents and parishioners have led to a stunning example of God’s creation where we can feel close to Him.